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Here it is… my last Dublin post 🙂
(it’s a gooden!)

We shall call it ‘The Last Supper’. 
Our lovely Irish friend Andi took us up into the mountains (yes in Dublin) which are about a 25 minute drive from the City Centre (where we were staying).
Andi took us to a little hotspot of her own…
‘Johnnie Fox’s Pub’
Famed as the highest pub in the country. FACT.
All along we had wanted to come somewhere traditional. 
Somewhere really Irish. 
And somewhere full of locals.
This was it 🙂

Andi and Dave – Johnnie Fox’s Pub, Dublin

We all chose off the ‘Starters’ menu as Andi said the portions were quite generous and we weren’t ‘starving starving’…

The boys went for…

Atlantic prawns on a bed of mixed salad leaves with seafood sauce.

Duck patè with onion, garlic, butter, cream and a dash or three of fine brandy with a classic red onion and balsamic reduction.

Whilst myself and Andi both shared…
Goats cheese coated in panko breadcrumbs and poppy seeds, served with a melon and mango chutney.
AND we both had some…

Mussels in a creamy garlic and white wine sauce, served with brown bread.
These were shaaaa-maazing 🙂
(as was the Goat’s cheese!)
The best bit is dipping the bread into the white wine sauce at the end!

Yummy food, yummy drinks, a cosy candlelit atmosphere and perfect company.

One of those perfect moments :).

Topping it off nicely with an Irish coffee…

… now you can’t get more traditional than that can you!

You can sit and eat/drink by the music or you can listen to the live irish music in the background – (which plays here at Johnnie Fox’s EVERY NIGHT).

Johnnie Fox’s are also famous for their ‘Hooley Nights’ click here to read more about it on their website, which unfortunately we missed but apparently is a great laugh!

What a perfect way to finish our trip to Dublin!

This is the view over Dublin from up here in the mountains. Amazing.
If only we had been here in the day to see this view in all it’s glory…

… looks like that’s another reason we will have to come back!

That’s it for our visit to Dublin!
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Mollie xoxo
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