In the Studio

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So it may look as if i’ve been a little quiet on the music front, I did a few covers on my YouTube channel before christmas but since then it’s been a lot of behind the scenes stuff. (Plus Christmas!)
At the mo you can’t find any of my original material online but as of April/May you will get to see my first original track and video…

I finished tracking the vocals last night and so i’m now one step closer to being able to share it…
The track is called ‘These are the days’ and is a song I wrote when I was travelling last year. 
It’s a very personal song to me and one i feel captures that chapter of my life perfectly.

I recorded at a friends studio (Project 28) with the help of another friend/producer Jack (Jacq A G).

The video for the track is being filmed in April, and I will be sharing both soon after!

Mollie xoxo

In the meantime please do come and join me on my other social media for updates, photos and more 🙂

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