Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

 In Europe, Ireland
This is up there with one of THE most touristy things to do in Dublin. Check out My Dublin Travel Guide for more on things to do, accommodation, top tips etc.
Anyhow, a brief into.
The Guiness Storehouse, Dublin.
(Where the Guiness is made)

I won’t give away too much otherwise there’s no point going here yourself, but I’ll show you a couple of highlights and bits and bobs you can do here…
(You pay for one ticket which includes all access and a free Guiness).

Pulling our own Pint’s in the Guinness Academy…

Perfect pint if we do say so ourselves. 
Think we are in the wrong career…

Enjoying our pint up at the Gravity Bar…
Looking over Dublin…

Such a beautiful beautiful (photogenic) day!
The day before had been completely over cast, so we timed it perfectly. Happy days. 🙂 

The thing is with Guinness is, it looks amazing, but it’s a very acquired taste.
Did I enjoy my Guinness???

You can view my reaction to my first Guinness on my **first ever VLOG** coming this weekend!


One of those beautiful moments. 
Sun out, perfect company and exploring in a city I’ve never been before…

After soaking up the sun and the view, we headed back downstairs to get a taxi back to our apartment. 
Later on that evening we were heading off up into the mountains with a friend of ours. 🙂
If you’re feeling adventurous… you can always hop on a horse and carriage back to your abode! 🙂

The Guinness Storehouse was definitely worth a visit.
Even if it’s the only touristy thing you decide to do – it’s a gooden.

(If you’re here for a couple of days, wait until the clearest day to do it. It can only take an hour to look around and the views will be well worth it.)

Click here to view the Official Gunniess Storehouse Website for more information on tickets, prices, location… etc.

Stay tuned to see our hotspot up in the mountains!   

PLUS *MY FIRST EVER VLOG* (Video Blog) will be up this week in which you will come up close and personal on our trip to Dublin!

Mollie xoxo
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