Exploring Dublin by foot | Ha’penny Bridge, Grafton Street

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We had purposely chosen accommodation close enough to everything so that we could avoid taxi costs where possible.
Luckily enough we had sun every day (aside from New Year’s Day which we pretty much spend in bed anyhow!) so the weather was not going to stop us walking… sorry boys! 🙂
The sun beamed down O’Connell Street making the walk down to the river that much nicer 🙂

I have put an annotated map at the bottom of this post, so if you get lost and would like to know where things actually are in comparison then have a look at that :).

Our apartment was located just off O’Connell Street Upper so we walking to the Lower end where it meets the river…

You’ll know if you’re on O’Connell Street if you see ‘The Spire’ or ‘The Pointless Point’ as locals have named it.
(The big thing i’m pictured with above.)

You’ll find tourist shops, bureau de change, a Cinema, Dublin’s version of Primark (Pennie’s) and plenty more down O’Connell street. At this point I didn’t feel far from home… except from the fact the sun was out…

However, I don’t think we have Leprechaun Museums back home?!
Do enlighten me if we do?

Of course I managed to find a Sweet Shop before anything else, I swear there’s some sort of magnetic force between us ya know…


Mr.Simms Olde Sweet Shop
Mr.Simms Olde Sweet Shop
We crossed the Bridge and continued straight ahead off of O’Connell Street. Instead of turning right to Temple Bar, we continued straight ahead and followed signs to Grafton Street first.
This really is where you will draw a parallel to back home (London). Grafton Street is one of the places filled with all the high street stores and ‘statue dudes’.
The reason we came?
As you know I LOVE Hudson Taylor. They grew up here and I have seen many a photo of them busking on Grafton Street.
Maybe part of me was looking for them…

… but unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen :(.

But we did find this super cool poetry dude.
Now, I’ve never seen one of these in London!

You basically tell him a topic and he writes you a poem!
You can see him live in action and reading my poem to me on my Dublin VLOG (coming very soon).


Cute hey?
Next we walked 5 minutes to Temple Bar, which apparently is considered ‘Tourist Central’.
On this occasion we just had a quick walk through, but I will be back with a blog on Temple Bar in more detail very soon!
Plus you will be able to see it on the Dublin VLOG up close and personal :).

What a beautiful view 🙂

I saw a photo opportunity as we crossed back over the bridge, but apparently so did this Irish dude!

3…2…1… JUMP!




As the sun set we walked along the river and admired the views over a glowing Dublin before crossing over the Ha’penny bridge and heading back to our apartment…


Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin

I have seen these Love Locks before on the famous Pont de l’Archeveche (bridge) in Paris, but people are creating them all over the world now and I was so happy to see them on the Ha’Penny bridge here in Dublin.

Loved ones come to these locations with a padlock or a form of lock, write their name on it, lock it around the bridge structure and throw the key into the river, to lock in their love ‘forever’.

Some people see it as ridiculously romantic and beautiful (as do i) but there is increasing commotion as to it being graffiti and an extreme eye sore…

Personally I think these are just the jealous people 🙂


Here’s that map I mentioned with all the spots I noted in this post 🙂
Stay tuned for lots more on where to eat and where to go in Dublin!
Mollie xoxo
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