Eddie Rockets City Diner, Dublin

 In Europe, Ireland
So if Burrito’s weren’t your thing and you didn’t take to Saburritos (see my review here), then let’s give this one a try…
Introducing… Eddie Rockets City Diner.

These cool looking American Diners always catch my eye, and even though there are many in London and around me – I have never been into one.
Seeing as we were on a ‘mini holiday’ – I finally had no excuse and we walked 5 minutes from our apartment, to the one on O’Connell Street.


I haven’t been to America since I was a little kid and so this is all still quite exciting to me. 

The design, the size of the meals, and the actually menu itself. Well…

I mean… look at those…

We first opted for a Bulmer’s Cider…
My partner in crime went for the Chilli Cheese Dog… which i was ever so jealous of… LOOK AT THAT!
(heart attack on a plate i know)
I went for the Cheese Please Burger, it doesn’t look quite so good maybe, but it tasted a whole lot better! American Style-y!

And together we shared some Sweet Potato Fries… (my fav)

I have to say it was ridiculously filling, and I actually couldn’t even bring myself to look at the puddings, let alone try one.

If I had though – I would have gone for the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups Milkshake… MMMMMMMMM.

Click here to see the official Eddie Rocket’s City Diner website…

Judging by our plates, I think we will be back at some point for round 2!

Yum! Thank you Dublin for my first ever Diner experience!
Stay tuned for a hotspot up in the mountains!   

PLUS *MY FIRST EVER VLOG* (Video Blog) will be up this week in which you will come up close and personal on our trip to Dublin!

Mollie xoxo
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