Yumchaa Tea Room, Camden Lock

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There’s not much I love more than a cup of tea and a few (or maybe a whole pack) of biscuits, particularly on a cold day warm me up. 

So there we were, me and my friend Na, in Camden last Sunday, we were indeed cold and needing tea, hot chocolate or mulled wine. 
Mulled wine usually always wins the race at this time of year however it was at this moment I remembered a cute little tea room I had come across on another blog that was on my ‘to go’ list. 

Yumchaa Tea Room.

I can’t for the life of me remember which blog it was… But I had saved the name in my notes and knew it was somewhere in Camden…
I popped the postcode of Yumchaa into my phone (NW1 8AF) and to our surprise it was just the otherside of the lock in the ‘upstairs bit’, above where there’s the little market stalls. If you know where Giglamesh is, it’s literally 1 minute from there :). 
(Giglamesh is officially on my hotspot list! I NEED to go!)

So as you walk in and join the queue, you are welcomes by lots of little sample teas…

These are all the teas on offer in the the tea room and you are welcomed to smell the tea leaves to make your choice ๐Ÿ™‚

Naomi was immediately taken by the sweet scent of the ‘caramel sweetheart’ tea. I do have a silly sweet tooth but when I have tea I can’t do sweet, hence why I don’t have sugar in mine. But if you like a sugar or two or 10, then the smell is BEAUT and this one may be for you.

They have some REALLY COOL flavours of tea!
However I am THE worst decision maker so this was just causing my brain to hurt.
I usually drink Earl Grey, so I went for the Earl Grey Blue Star!

I definitely got carried away with pouring my milk and ended up with a tea true to its name – grey.
So it’s a good job you can get 2 cups out of the pot they give you ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Second time round we both had our tea without milk and you can definitely taste the flavours more and pick up on the unique blend ๐Ÿ™‚

From the tea room terrace you can look over the market I was talking about below. There’s stalls with everything from mulled wine, to homemade sushi to handmade gifts. Really quite Christmassy with lots of nik-naks perfect for Christmas presents.
Once we had finished our tea we headed along the terrace and had a nosey around the little shops before heading back down to the rest of the market to continue shop-diddly-opping. 
If you love the tea you have in the cafe you can either buy it from the tea room itself, OR just in the market there is a little stall with a cute guy that had already asked us to buy from him instead of the shop ;). 
I guess he works on commission, so if you go, help him out and buy from him instead! ๐Ÿ™‚
I will post the rest of our day in Camden very soon but I thought this little tea room deserved a special mention of its own.
There are actually a few dotted about in London as you can see on their little business card below…

Mollie xoxo

P.s. Stay tuned for Christmas party food ideas!

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