Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

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I love a bit of spontaneity.
This time the spontaneous trip was to Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park. 

Some people have never been to Winter Wonderland, some have no idea what to expect and some have just never even heard of it.
If you are one of these people then sit back, (make yourself a mug of mulled wine) and come with us…
First things first, we need to join you and get ourselves a cuppa mulled wine…
Mulled wine just smells like Christmas to me, heaven infact.
I’m a Pimm’s by summer and Mulled wine by winter kinda gal.
Anyway… As you walk through the entrance you are greeted with over 200 little festive wooden chalets, filled to the brim with food, goodies, gifts, clothing etc etc – all twinking with tinsel and pretty lights.
Despite our mouths watering at EVERY stall and smell we passed, we decided to go on the rides first before eating. 
Otherwise it may not end well.
I don’t think drinking on this Carousel Bar would end well either?!
(Obviously it doesn’t turn very fast and it is infact such a cool idea!)
I couldn’t possibly photograph ALL the attractions here, because there are so many and the site is getting bigger and bigger every year but here’s my favs that I found and ones we went on ๐Ÿ™‚
Winter Wonderland Giant Observation Wheel
Winter Wonderland Star Flyer
Winter Wonderland Roller Coaster
If anyone has me on Instagram (@molliebylett) you will see I uploaded a video whilst I was on the ride below!
(I’m really good at multitasking whilst being thrown around and chucked upside down…)
After getting our adrenalin rush and sitting on Mr. Polar bears knee, we were well and truly in need of some food…
We didn’t have to look far and we quickly settled for a Hog Roast in a bun ๐Ÿ™‚
Pork, Crackling, Stuffing and apple sauce in a bun. YUM.
We saw Santa’s sleigh and thought it would be a wonderful place to sit and have a pit stop…
… but apparently we weren’t the only ones with that idea!
Once we had thrill seeked, shopped, eaten and drunk, London did again what it does best and the heavens opened…
It was 10pm anyhow which is when the Park shuts so we all hustled out and jumped back on the Tube.
(The nearest tube is Hyde Park Corner, but Green Park isn’t too far either.)
Winter Wonderland is open until 5th January (except Christmas Day) so pop down for an hour or for a day! Free entry to the park / market but there are also so many other things you can do that I haven’t even touched on! Have a look at them all here.

Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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