Making our Christmas Gingerbread House

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Let me just start with saying this took a LOT longer than we thought. 
If you haven’t got that much time, use this recipe but just get some pretty ‘cutters’ and make some gingerbread men and shapes instead…

However if, like me, you are always up for a challenge then by all means give this a try. The risks are always more rewarding remember…
We followed The Channel 4 Gingerbread House recipe, I won’t re-type the recipe all out but if you’re going ahead and making it, pop the recipe up in another window and follow it with these pictures. I have photographed all the steps and will just add in any tips/changes we made along the way!
Otherwise, enjoy the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

TIP: We added 2 extra tbsp of golden syrup and 4tbsp water to the mixture as we found the dough too dry without this addition.

TIP: We mixed it for an additional few minutes to make sure it was pretty thick and would stick our gingerbread house together!

How CUTE is the cupcake measuring tape?
This one is actually from Accesorize but they have pretty much identical ones on Amazon – Cupcake Tape Measure.
Perfect stocking filler! 

NOTE: Only half way through the recipe we realised that you are meant to leave the dough in the fridge for an extended amount of time, but we did an hour instead (each time it says refrigerate) as we were running low on time.

We also baked the gingerbread and did the decoration/assembling on two different days. We knew that the heat from the gingerbread before it had completely cooled would melt the ‘icing glue’ and create a falling mess…

TIP: I used a knife to just cut the edges of the gingerbread into straight lines so that the house had more chance of standing up… (we weren’t hopeful!)

Still not hopeful…

TIP: Don’t pile too many decorations on the roof otherwise the weight will collapse the house! We realised this after, hence why we weren’t hopeful!

I may have squealed slightly when we put the roof on the top and it didn’t actually collapse!


Mr. Gingerbread looked just as impressed with his new house as I was! 
Haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Only problem is, when it looks that good, you don’t want to eat it!
Sorry Mr.Gingerbread, you did taste extra good dipped in my cuppa tea though!
Mollie xoxo
P.s. Stay tuned for His ‘n’ hers christmas present ideas!
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