His ‘n’ hers Christmas Present Ideas

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Buying christmas presents is hard. When you get a little older we tend to buy whatever it is we need for ourselves and then it comes to Christmas and even YOU don’t know what you want.
(I have an on going list of ‘things i want’ so personally i’m never stuck for ideas.)

You want to get something good, but maybe not TOO expensive or TOO sentimental?

As a follow up from my ‘Outta the box Christmas gift ideas’ post, (which the views are telling me was very popular!) I have put together a list of gifts for the guys, and gifts for the girls.

So if it’s for a sibling or a new partner or whoever, I have tried to come up with some winning choices (in my eyes)…

For the boys…
(obvious winners are socks, chocolate, beer, protein shakes etc)
1. Mag subscriptions

Lonely planet (travel lovers)
Top Gear (car lovers)
Men’s Health (fitness lovers)

View a LOAD more here

2. Aftershave
(I use allbeauty.com if i can as they have lots of genuine discounted smells!)

Fierce Aftershave – allbeauty.com
Creed Aftershave – allbeauty.com
Creed – Original Santal. £109.95 RRP £180.00
This stuff is meant to be UNREAL, and you can get it near enough half price on this same site! 100% genuine!
3. Ultimate Man Bowl!
(Jokey present obviously, well kinda.)

4. Mens Cookbook! (Subtle Hint)

 View / Buy Here.

5. iBell Alarm Clock

ibell iphone alarm – japan trend shop

I’m not sure HOW i stumbled across these but what a cool idea! If your inbuilt alarm doesn’t quite do the trick, pop your phone in the dock when you go to sleep and wake up the old fashioned way!

I can’t find them retailing in the UK, but you can get them straight from the dealers here on Japan Trend Shop – iBell Iphone alarm. They are $32 US DOLLARS, and they ship to the UK!

For the girls… 
(obvious winners are chocolate, sentimental photoframes (with a photo of the pair of you!), yummy body butters + ANYTHING FROM TIFFANY’s!)

1. Allbeauty.com (formerly Cheapsmells.com)

(best bargain website ever, if this is the first you’ve heard of it – you are gunna LOVE)

St.Tropez – Allbeauty.com

St. Tropez Mousse £16.95 RRP £30.64

A couple of my favourite smells…

Viva la Juicy – Allbeauty.com
Daisy – allbeauty.com

2. Magazine subscriptions

OK! (gossip + celeb lovers)
GoodFood (food + baking lovers!)
Grazia (Fashion + beauty lovers!)

View / Buy all choices here.

3. Vintage Cosmetics Company

(£5 voucher when you sign up and spend over £10, website here)
I did a blog post when i modelled for their videos over the summer…

It’s such good quality, really pretty and let’s face it – every girl has a make up bag! Don’t they?
When I modelled for them they gave me a goodie bag filled with bits and bobs and I got LOTS of false lashes. I wear eyelash extensions and have only worn one set of these ‘falsies’ since getting them!
I don’t want to waste them, they retail at £6 and are genuinely beautiful lashes, so if you fancy a pair of mine look at the different ones you can get here, and then pop the name of the ones you like in a comment below and I will send them to you! 
Perfect stocking filler or added gift for a friend/girlfriend!

4. Hot Chocolate on a stick!
Warm up a mug of milk and stir! 🙂

(I found these really hard to locate but i found a pack of them actually on a ‘gifts for men’ site! Let me know if you find them anywhere else 🙂 )
View / Buy here.

5. Marshmallows + chocolate dippers! 

Boys or Girls…

1. Personalised wooden Iphone / Ipad stands!

View / Buy here.

2. Personalised photo drinks coasters

View / Buy here.

3.  Personalised pencils

View / Buy here.

4. Indoor Skydiving 2-for-1 offer!
Take advantage of this special offer and go indoor skydiving with someone special for just £38.99! Book here 🙂

I was taken here for a surprise date night a month or 2 back and it was so much fun! I love trying new things and doing something different so if you do too this is perfect!

P.s. Girls, make sure you tie your hair back properly otherwise your hair will matte like mine did (picture below).


As you can tell I love me some personalised gifts. I just think it makes the gift that much more special and shows you put that little bit of extra effort in!

If you don’t like personalised things (or showing that you care hehe) then check out my Outta the Box Gift Ideas post here, or ignore me and continue your christmas shopping! 🙂

Mollie xoxo

P.s. Stay tuned for some hotspots in Camden!

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