Watermelon slush & a Halloween pumpkin-melon

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Halloween was a mere disaster from the moment it begun…
Firstly, Ollie was being boring and wouldn’t try on his outfit properly.
He told me last week he wanted to go trick or treating, and I even made some really cool eyes for his ghost outfit – but he had clearly changed his mind…
Once I got that evil stare from him, I knew it was game over – so I gave up…
After realising my trick or treating days were over, I settled for getting a pumpkin, a loada sweets and watching tv.
I then realised I should maybe have thought about getting a pumpkin before 6pm on Halloween itself.
My solution – A watermelon.
I was not returning home without some matter to carve.
It’s the kinda same shape anyway right…

Oh NOW you want to join in Ollie…

I really wanted to do some pumpkin baking this year. But obviously no-can-do without a pumpkin.

So instead I resorted to something i saw on pinterest and used the contents of the watermelon to make a Watermelon Slush.
(creative i know)

There was a ridiculous about of moisture in the flesh of the watermelon, and by this point we were doubting whether the candle would stay alight.
We spooned out as much as we could without the watermelon completely collapsing in on itself, and then…
(who’d have thought we’d be spending Halloween hair drying watermelons)

(I have to admit- this probably wasn’t necessary and probably made little difference, but it felt like an einstein idea to dry it out at the time…)

As for the Watermelon Slush, I just popped the contents of the fruit into the blender with a tray of ice and the juice of a whole lemon.

This is no fancy recipe, it was just me not wanting to waste the contents. 
But yum if you fancy a healthy refreshing boost before you stuff your face with sweeties!!

To our amazement, the pumpkin lit. The pumpkin balanced and the pumpkin was just as happy about it as we were…

Success. The Pumpkin-melon was alight, the sweets were out and celebrity juice was on…
Mollie xoxo
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