Slightly ‘outta the box’ Christmas present ideas :)

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We all know christmas is an expensive time of the year and some of us have more money to spend than others which is when it all gets a bit stressful.
But you gotta work with what you got. 
I personally think Christmas is more about the thoughtful and the more ‘fun’ presents so I’ve put a list together of my favourite not so expensive, fun, outta the box kinda gifts…
(I will link all the item names with where you can buy them) 

Mini Doughnut pan

I spotted this in the little newsagents outside by Westfields (Shepherd’s Bush) so you can buy it there also (next to the dog accessory shop hehe).
(I don’t think I’d care if that was the ONLY thing i got for christmas).

(so cool i need this in my life)

(Seasonal I know, but just had to show you these!)

Those were my favourite ideas that I have come across so far, although I haven’t even started my christmas shopping yet so I’m sure I’ll be back with more ideas that I come across. 
The best websites I’ve found for these cool kinda gifts are:


P.s. Mum, there were a couple of subtle hints thrown in there 😉
Mollie xoxo

P.s. Stay tuned for our attempt at a Gingerbread House!

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