Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House, Soho

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Well this was a meeting WELL overdue.

Burnt Ends @ Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House

I have seen endless tweets, instagrams and pins about Bodean’s but never actually managed to get in touch with my inner piglet and eat there.

But whilst I was up in London to watch Kodaline on Sunday I put an end to all the Bo’dreaming.

Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House, Soho
You can pig out outside under the heaters, but admittedly they could do with some cubby holes like at Porthmeor Beach Cafe (my fav) to shelter you from that bitterly cold wind. 

You can sit upstairs in the more casual ‘authentic’ part of the restaurant, OR you can pop downstairs for a more formal atmosphere. 
We were silly hungry when we got there, (and there was a 40 minute wait for downstairs) so we opted for the casual diner where they had a coupl’a seats spare.

By the time we sat down I had already decided what I wanted, simply from nosey-ing at other peoples food en route (and annoying them by asking what it was). 
But if you fancy a looky at the menu have a look here: Bodean’s MENU.
Like you would in Nando’s – you hop up to order…

I chose a combination of ‘sides’ for my dinner because I just couldn’t de’side’.
(Witty, i know).

I went for the Burnt Ends and Sweet potato chips.

Smothered in a wonderfully tangy BBQ sauce… 

… I mean, just LOOK at it. 
Burnt Ends @ Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House
Sweet Potato Fries @ Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House

My partner in crime went for the Pork pulled sandwich, which comes with fries and coleslaw…

… I had to have a lil try didn’t I, after all, sharing is caring ๐Ÿ™‚

Before returning to, and finishing off my dinner by dipping the last sweet potato chips into the BBQ remains…

We both dined for a combined £25 so it’s really reasonably priced, super speedy service, there’s no need to dig out your best dress AND the food is unbelievably-satisfyingly-yummy!

Pop down on a Game Day and take advantage of the ‘Game Day Special’.

You can even hire Bodean’s to come to you mobile, perhaps if you have private function in mind (information here).

Bodean’s is a pretty pig big deal if you ask me.
Even the door handle agree’s with me…

They have branches in Soho, Clapham, Tower Hill + Fulham.
Todays photographed hotspot (Soho) is located just a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus Tube Station. Simply head east on Oxford Street and then turn right onto Poland Street (just after 2 London souvenir shops) and Bodean’s is just up on your left.
I say grab a couple of concert tickets and combine it with a trip to Bodean’s ๐Ÿ™‚
Mollie xoxo

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