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Cornwall get away - Part 1 :) Hayle, Cornwall

Updated On 26th April, 2020

I have been unusually quiet on here i know, it’s just been one thing after the other, and to be honest I’ve been lacking in motivation for the last week, but i’ve given myself a kick up the bum and i’m back.
So I decided to take a couple of days out and head down to the coast to see my Uncle who lives down and the very bottom of our country. Incase you haven’t worked it out, I’m talking about Cornwall. (I’m bad at geography… but not that bad)
We were staying in St.Erth (A)- which seemed perfect as it’s in the middle of everything as you can see above. You have St.Ives a couple of miles in one direction, Lands End + Penzance another. Then you have Falmouth + Truro which aren’t too far either!
You may remember my last trip to Cornwall which was over at (B) St.Mawes, if you hadn’t joined me then here’s the blog post.
It takes an hour to get from A to B so that gives you an idea of scaling on the map!
Now you can’t come down to Cornwall and not surf can you? 
My uncle is proper ‘surf dude’ and so took Dave straight out to catch some waves. Unfortunately, (:D) there was no wetsuit for me unless I hired one and so instead i wrapped up, took charge of the camera and sat peacefully by myself on the beach.
After checking out a few surf hotspots, we realised there wasn’t much surf. We had ended up at Godrevy Beach which was the same, but before we knew it my uncle was in his wetsuit and heading for the water anyway…
Some one got a little carried away and forgot their board?
I have a feeling you might be needing that 🙂

One of my favourite things is to be snuggled up in scarfs, mittens and wellies and paddle around in the sea. That is what i think of when I think of Cornwall. The sea breeze whistling in and out of the coves in my coat and the sound of the waves repeatedly falling onto the sand.
I watched the boys catch a few waves and then retired to the beach to watch the world go by…

 Whenever I’m at the beach, I love the purity of the people there, the locals coming to walk the dog, the familys spending time together and the dogs roaming free.

There is just a massive sense of freedom, no sense of power, ego, money or status. 
People smile and say hello just because they want to, not because they want something.
I find that so refreshing. So refreshing.

 For a moment I was lost in my own little world, until i glanced back into the sea to check the boys were still in tact, and i see my uncle doing a head stand on his board.

Unfortunately by the time i whipped out my camera he appeared to be doing a yoga move gone wrong… but it made me smile 🙂

The boys showered up and we headed back into the village (Hayle) to complete another must for our visit to Cornwall. 


We grabbed a Traditional Beef Steak pasty from the famous Philps Pasties, and tried to find a spot I remembered so vividly from my childhood.

I mean it’s not like it’s going to have gone anywhere is it…

And of course we found it 🙂
If you drive across the bridge from the pasty shop and follow the road off onto the sand and up through the dunes, you get to a little car park where you can see right out to sea.

We sat on the edge of the sand dunes and ate our pasties, trying not to consume too much sand whilst doing so. 

A beautiful view, some good food + perfect company = me sorted.

I remember flying down the sand dunes on our body boards as children and feeling like it was the best thing EVER.

There were no bodyboards anywhere in sight but we climbed to the top of the dune anyway and ran/skipped/flew down…

The clouds had cleared, the sun had come out and as I descended down the dunes with the wind in my hair and my heart racing… i couldn’t help but smile.
Simplicity at it’s peak.
Mollie xoxo



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