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My Birthday Meal | The Thai Terrace, Guildford

Updated On 26th April, 2020

After a relaxing day with Mumma at Nirvana Spa it was time to see my friends and continue the birthday celebrations…
No matter how special i deem the occasion to be and how much time I put aside to get ready, I ALWAYS end up getting ready and rushing in the last half an hour.
So my birthday was no different.
I had 30 minutes til i needed to leave and i still hadn’t decided what I was wearing.
Option 1 on the left was a new favourite from Next that I picked up last week. Infact, I’ve just gone to find the link… and it seems it’s actually a maternity top?! 
Option 2 on the right was a ‘Last Chance to buy’ from Topshop last week also, however I think it’s disappeared now. They do have a few similar wrap dresses in the sale for £15 though.

Anywho, I went for option 1 (although I’ll have you know i’m by no means pregnant).
With my favourite shoes ever…

Eventually I forced myself out the door as I realised I couldn’t be late to my own birthday.
Where did we go? Thai Terrace in Guildford 🙂
By the time I got there I was well in need of this Mojito whilst I waited for the girls to arrive 🙂

I had been here just once before to try it out before ‘hosting’ my meal here. As you enter the restaurant (located on the 7th floor) there is a lounge bar (see below) where you can have a few chilled drinks before your meal. 

I also love the big bay windows which run along the side of the restaurant that boast views over Guildford. They do have a heated terrace and sofas outside but it’s a wee bit cold for that this time of year…

On Saturdays they run dinner by 2 sittings. One at 6pm one at 9.15pm.

We all met in the lounger bar at about 8pm, had a cocktail (or two), a gossip, a browse through the menu and by the time 9pm came we were all ready to be seated and… well… stuff our face.
But that’s not a very lady like thing to say is it?

Now I did my bit and promoted the best starter going…
Prawn Crackers with THE YUMMIEST peanut dip.

Followed by a Cosmopolitan whilst we decided what we wanted from the main menu. 
Check out the Thai Terrace Menu Here if you fancy a peek.
Too much to choose from hey? Particularly for an indecisive person like myself…

I went for number 52. (Pehd Ma-Karm) 
In english? 
Roast Duck on a bed of vegetables topped with honey-tamarind sauce & crispy shallots.

Tender, soft duck with the most beautiful tangy sauce that complimented it perfectly.

I also had my favourite side – coconut rice.

Everything that was coming out of the kitchen just looked amazing. 

So as everything arrived on our table of 12, I didn’t really know where to look. Most people had ordered different dishes and the combination of colours and aromas was somewhat heaven.
It didn’t take me long to tuck in but I did manage to capture one dish to my right of me. 

The traditional Phad Thai dish with King Prawns.

As i was surrounded by all this Thai food, Thai staff and perfect company I couldn’t help but reminisce about my travels… they even have a tuk tuk as you enter the restaurant (those of you that have been to Thailand will know what i’m on about- otherwise google it). 

Now I am no stranger to a camera or a wee bit of attention, but cake time came and I was swamped. 

But I can’t take all the photos all the time can I 🙂

My lovely lovely friends had made me a couple of yummy birthday goodies, so we didn’t go for the pudding, but i’ll save trying the puddings for my return.

First up was a creation from Flo + Na 🙂

…and then cupcakes by Beanie (you may remember our baking session – White Chocolate and Cranberry cookie cups)…

If you like the look of these cupcakes head over to her blog 🙂 Beanies Bakes

(unfortunately Flo and Na cannot offer their services but you may be able to find a similar packet mix in your local store 😉 )

Champagne, cupcakes + friends. I personally couldn’t think of a better combination?

If you fancy going to The Thai Terrace in Guildford, it’s located right in the centre of town.
(It’s hidden on the 7th floor and it’s not in an obvious location. Kinda a secret – but i was never good at keeping secrets)
Saying that, it does get busy with the people that have been let in on the secret so always best to book – particularly for groups.
Pop over to their website for more information on bookings, location, menu etc etc.
Mollie xoxo

Thai Terrace, Guildford | Review



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