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Bank Holiday Weekend in Marbella

Updated On 26th April, 2020

So I may have missed out on Notting Hill Carnival and Reading Festival (still yet to go to either before!!) but I traded the British air for that of the Spanish.
I had timed it wonderfully. I headed to the airport and as we waited for our slot on the runway the heavens well and truly opened.

I sat there with a little smug grin, knowing I was heading for the sunshine, and suddenly wasn’t so bothered about missing Reading Festival…
I flew into Malaga, Spain and waited for the bus (just outside) that takes you directly into Marbella. 35 minutes direct for just 6.15 euros. 
Not everyone knows about this bus, and many just pay the 85 euro fare in a taxi (same journey).
But I was off to reunite with my travelling partner and geordie born friend Leanne :).
Having a family place out here, Leanne had told me about the bus. One to remember if you ever venture to Marbella- a good little trick to ensure maximum pennies for cocktails!
I went for 5 nights over Bank Holiday weekend, a perfect little get away from the craziness at home and I hadn’t seen Leanne since we returned from South East Asia in June.
Mainly because she lives in Newcastle and spends most of the summer out here in Spain…
And you thought I travelled a lot? 🙂

I’ve had my fair share of sun this year, having travelled Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with Leanne and then Sailing some of the greek islands
So it wasn’t really the sun i was excited about, although obviously it’s always a bonus.
I love the yummy food…
Goats cheese, red onion, tomato and bacon Pizza!
(Picasso Restaurant, Puerto Banus)

…and the yummy cocktails 🙂
u n r e a l   mojito from a bar in Puerto Banus.

Remember my favouritest restaurant in the world back home?
Well anyway, the Goats cheese salad there is UNREAL, and I was so pleased to find a Goats cheese salad on the cafe menu at our complex.
(Not quite Fego’s though.)

Another yummy highlight from my little getaway was the frozen yoghurt from a little shop along the port.

Original frozen yoghurt topped with nutella and mini brownie pieces!!!
Can you tell I love food? 🙂

We mainly lay by the pool and reminisced over travelling memories but apart from that we did venture out a little bit…
Ocean ClubBuddha beach are the liveliest places during the day however this year Buddha beach lost it’s music license because of complaints from villas around. A pool party without music? Not quite the same effect…
This was Ocean club on Saturday.
On Sunday it was full capacity for the Ocean Spray… 2500 people!
And for the evenings it kind of revolves around a few places, we swung between News CafeTibuPangea and for the yummiest pre drinks cocktails La Sala Bar + Restaurant (Strawberry Daquiri everytime).

This is a familiar sight for those that followed me on my travels?
Leanne is always the first to buy something irrelevant and useless from a market, like in Bali
And always the first to buy something from the sellers on the beach, whether it be fake raybans, bracelets, dvds or hats. 
Oh how i have missed her 🙂

On my last night I played a few covers for the residents on the complex as they had a candle lit meal…
Was all going well until someones napkin caught fire and as they tried to stamp it out it caught their dress!!! 🙂 
But luckily noone was hurt… 

I recently took one of my original songs to the studio and created a demo with it alongside a friend of mine. I wrote it when I was travelling and so I played it to Leanne for the first time when I was out there which was kinda special.

I cannot wait to record and share my original music 🙂 
I’m so not good with all this being patient!

So after 5 days of sun, cocktails, yummy food and perfect company I was refreshed and ready to return to the madness back home!

Next year though, I realllly want to go to Nottinghill Carnival!
Looked so good this year!

Hope you had a good bank holiday!

Mollie xoxo
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