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Happy Campers - Redfest 2013

Updated On 26th April, 2020

I kind of find it hard to believe that as much as i live and breathe music, i have never before ‘camped’ a festival.
But last weekend this all changed. Redfest took my festival camping virginity.
And my god, it was good.

So on Friday afternoon we headed over to Redhill where Redfest takes place, set up camp and went for a nosey around.
And a cold cider.
We took a lot of our own alcohol because festival prices are just ridiculous. But you just can’t beat a cold cider really can you?
I was ever so satisfied to find the drinks in the VIP bar were slightly cheaper, even if it was marginal.
I had been lucky enough to get a guest pass as my friend was playing main stage with his band Engine-Earz Experiment on the Friday evening.
So as the day drew to a close, we headed down to the stage to support them…

Their music is somewhat very different to the music i normally promote and go on about, however i really really did enjoy their set. I was particularly drawn to Jenna G who was guest vocal for their performance, and of course you Tom!

The sun set over the festival, the ciders were going down nicely and we soon found ourselves at the Silent Disco.
This was another first for me…

Some pictures of the gang…
Oh and whilst i’m here, we have another new artist to check out.
Etham Basden (photo below – bottom right) Well worth a look at his music…

Saturday morning begun a bit cloudy, but after all this sun we’ve had in England it felt like the clouds were well overdue anyway…
We headed to The Boileroom Tent where there were some more acoustic acts playing…
As you can imagine, i was in heaven. Everyone chilled out, on the sofas, on the floor, cider in one hand, mini picnic in the other.
If i was to create a perfect venue that i’d like to play in, it would look something exactly like this…
Music for all ages…
And loving it so much, he didn’t realise his friend had buggered off to the ice cream van…
With more time to kill we nosied around some of the stalls.
I even managed to bag myself some goodies from one of my favourite clothing companies Hype– happy days.

The afternoon soon heated up and with no shade anywhere to be seen, what better way to cool down than a waterfight?

Loveable Rogues (You may remember them from Britain’s Got Talent?)

But with perfect timing, their act drew to a close and the heavens opened…

Many took photos and ran back to the bar or their tents…

…but others decided to whip out a guitar and have a sing song.

We opted for the bar and a bite to eat.
I was particularly fascinated by the Signature Brew on offer backstage. I’ve never seen anything like it? Artists having their own signature beer!
Personally starstruck by the fact as i drunk this, Enter Shikari were actually hanging out backstage too…
New life aim: Have my own beer!

Festival Pizza

Having been in Thailand and paying 60p for Thai dishes, i was very reluctant to pay £5 for this.
But the smell overwhelmed me and i gave in to the sweet and sour chicken.
I’ll give it to them, it was actually extremely yum.

This is what happens when i’m stood a metre from the love of my life (nooo not Beckham) and one of my biggest inspirations, Bastille.

Dammit, he didn’t propose.

His loss…

Whether you’re in your twenties or 5 years of age… ALWAYS get a dog painted on your face? Especially if it’s for charity…

Need me some of these!!

And for the moment i had been waiting for all weekend.
Bastille headlining the main stage.

What made it even more amazing was being on my friends shoulders for half the set. 
Genuinely felt like it was a personal gig as i was so high above everyone else!

The night continued on and shapes were most certainly thrown in the silent disco once more.

I had an amazing weekend with a top bunch of people. It’s a surprisingly cute festival. And by cute i mean, its quite small but it has everything you possibly need and you don’t lose people or have to walk an hour back to your tent.

Perfect for a little weekend get away with your friends even if you aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the music genres.
Tickets are cheap and you can bring your own food and alcohol.

Redfest, I will be back.




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