Sunsail Yacht Floatilla – Anchors away! A day in the life :)

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So off we went.
From home to Gatwick by car.
From Gatwick to Volos by air.
From Volos to Milina by Coach.
And from the coach we walked to our Boat.

One may say our transport was very diverse.

Friday afternoon we arrived at the Sunsail base raring to go and ready to begin our sailing holiday.
For the week we were part of an organised flotilla, and together we would be sailing from Milina to explore the Aegean islands of the Northern Sporades. (Sounds fancy, but basically its Greece).

Before we set sail we had to stock up the boat with food and prepare it for sailing, so we headed to the local restaurant where the daily fruit van man pulled up with lots of fresh yummy fruit.

Arms full of goodies we headed back to the boat.
Introducing our home for the week, Aponi. 

Itinerary and map out…

Naomi filling up the water tanks, (notice the boys sunbathing in the background whilst we do the work)…

But then the boys prepared the sails and did all the technical sailing stuff…

…Boys do the work, girls do the sunbathing? Sounds about right.

Sailing life has to be one of my favourite lives so far.
Well to be honest i think given the chance, it would be everyones favourite life?
I’ll let you in on an average (but not so average) day on board the boat. (Stop reading here if you it’s monday morning and you’re at work).
Wake up (no alarm of course), have some fresh peaches, muesli and greek yoghurt whilst admiring the beauty of Greece…
Lounge around and let it settle, scramble around for your headphones and ‘ip dip do’ your favourite album for the day.

Pop your bikini on and head out on deck.
Eye up a sunbathing spot…

Drink in one hand aaaaaand relax.
Every now and thenyou may open your eyes to find you are passing by a beautiful little village, struggle in the search to find your phone and take a piccy aaaaand relax again ๐Ÿ™‚
Constantly surrounded by crystal clear waters and a cool fresh breeze, before anchoring up having some lunch, taking a dip and exploring some of the land…
Repeat these steps until it’s time to anchor up for the night, freshen up and find a nice looking taverna for some tea.
Sounds good hey?
I think i’m even going to put it out there and say its better than it looks.
So that is pretty much a daily ritual, with the only daily differences being that you pull up somewhere different for lunch every day and anchor up at a different harbour in the evening.
So next up on the blog i’ll show you where we went ๐Ÿ™‚
Whether you have a sailing license, skippers or fancy being a host on one of the floatillas for the summer, check out the link below and have a look. They have locations all over the world!

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