How to prepare for South East Asia | Visa, Insurance and Jabs

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4 weeks tomorrow I jet off to South East Asia for a little adventure, and I couldn’t be MORE excited.

I went to the petrol station to fill up my car today and I’m not joking, my hands have never ever been so cold. It was so sunny the other day and it is now snowing.

These next few weeks are going to fly by, so i really need to get my bum into gear and prepare.

I honestly how much there was to think about in preparation, so I thought i’d pop everything in a little list here incase you’re stuck, and need a little help!


– First things first book your flights, we did ours through STA Travel.
– We then booked our first 2 nights accommodation in Bangkok for when we arrive. This was a bit of a safety net to settle us in before we took the spontaneous travel approach from there on.

Apply for Tourist Visa (allows up to 60 days in Thailand)
– Check your Phone insurance covers you when you are abroad
– Travel Insurance (make sure if you are doing any high risk activities that you tell them so that your insurance covers any accidents – god forbid)
– Photocopies of your Passport and Insurance 
– Jabs (Which ones depend exactly on where you are travelling) 
When you know your route, book a travel appointment with the nurse at your local doctors and they will tell you exactly what you will be at risk to and what jabs you need.

If you stay in touristy spots like I did throughout Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Bali – you won’t need anything excessive.

For my trip I had:
– Hep A,B + Typhoid (All on the NHS)
– Rabies Vaccination (£150. Expensive but it does last 4-5 years and allows you 24 hours to seek medical attention if something happens. It also makes post trauma treatment easier and cheaper.)

– Good camera (I use Fujifilm X10 (shop here)/ GoPro Hero 4 (shop here) & stick attachment (shop here))
– Waterproof pouch (valuables! mobile and/or camera)
– Backpack


Watch my video for exactly what to pack for your adventure…

Got my visa back today, so it’s all starting to feel real now 😀

Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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