Bali – Market, monkeys, dolphins, snorkelling +… botanical gardens.

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Bali has already exceeded our expectations without the mention of any party life.

We already feel at home in our little village Ubud and we have so much more to discover.
After a nice complimentary breakfast at our honeymoon suite we headed down on the moped to the local market…

Managed to pick up some more coconut coffee for just 25,000 rupiah (£1.80 ish) after her opening offer being 60,000.

They usually double or triple the value on the opening price but go to walk away and they would rather take something than nothing.
I am not a mean person, I just…like a bargain.
Something you will fail to not see in Bali is the making and offering of the Banten. It would seem this is all the Balinese people do with their day.
Walking through the streets is like an assault course as they lie hundreds of them on the streets and pathways…

I asked my good friend google what this was all about.

Apparently no day goes by without making these offerings to the gods. They consist of flowers, cigarettes, cookies, rice and sometimes money (its more the process of making and offering it to the spirits that is considered important- not the contents). 

Presented in little woven arrangements these offerings are given to the good spirits in hopes of continued prosperity as well as to the evil spirits as an appeasement.

Now there’s a nice bit of information for you!

Now, you would think after being bitten by a monkey over 2 weeks ago now that I would stay well away from any form of monkey.

(starting to heal nicely now)
Anyway, off we went to monkey forest near Ubud, Bali.
I decided to get over it and we went to pay entry into the forest. Before I had even entered the forest a monkey came from behind (again) and latched onto my bag. My face would have been a picture to catch on camera but I just froze and luckily a man hissed it away and it ventured else where. 
My heart was pounding.

Literally was shaking that much I was struggling to take pictures…

Okay that’s a little over exaggerated but I was actually shaking.

‘not here now now?…’


ugh…okay fine’

cheeky monkeys!!!

mummy and baby monkey…

I avoided eye contact, talking breathing or ‘flip flopping’ too loud, and tried to walk as slowly and smoothly as possible.
Luckily we didn’t need to take a visit to first aid this time…

Wish pond…

As we exited the forest I released one BIG sigh of relief and we headed for a bite to eat.

Nasi Goreng – Traditional Balinese cuisine.
On average you can get this served at a local restaurant for about 15,000 rupiah which is just about a £1!
At 3pm we met our good friend Mr. Tour guide back at our place who was there ready to drive us up to the north of Bali to Lovina Bay- home of the dolphins.
It was a 5am rise but the excitement of seeing dolphins soon got us out of bed:-)

‘You my friend will be going in that water too if you take one more picture of me before 7am’
…and time for a spot of Snorkelling.
Or it would seem a little underwater photoshoot.
I did snorkel and see the pretty fish- promise.
Too much hard work going down that way, lets try again…

Was using a friends underwater camera so I didn’t get to take control of the camera and take photos of the fish myself…somehow he didn’t capture many either.
Took a lot of mental pictures anyway and ill just tell you they were pretty cool.

I love the feeling of Snorkelling…I feel like a fish… haha.

Being able to breath and see underwater. Just wish we had got the chance to do our open water dive certificate, but I guess I have an excuse to come travelling again…
After a shower and some breakfast we headed back to our favourite little village- Ubud.
But on the way back Mr. Tour guide nsisted we visit Bedugul Botanical Garden.
Myself and Leanne gave eachother ‘the look’ and politely went along with it.

We saw some trees, some more trees…

even more trees…
and a few more trees.
You get the picture, trees to us, are simply trees.
It seems we experienced another high altitude moment…

We say we didn’t like trees but we managed to walk so far away from the entrance (and the car) that it would have taken us about an hour to walk back…

Luckily Balinese people like a Blonde, so we waved down a passing car and hitched a lift back down to the start…

…all was well until the driver had a little car crash.

We sneakily exited the car threw a thank you in his direction and walked the last little bit.
We headed to a couple of markets on the way back, grabbed some food and headed the rest of the way back to Ubud.
Tonight we have found even nicer accommodation to rest our pretty little heads in, at a lovely little price.
So beautiful that for 10 minutes after entering our room / palace, we were star jumping around the extra space we had in the room, beaming with smiles…

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