Koh Tao but then Koh PhiPhi

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So we had just had the most unreal 6 days in Koh Phangan, from The jungle experience, to Full moon party, to coral pool party to riding on the back of mopeds to watch sunsets.
I wouldn’t even be able to put this week into words, and whilst our injuries may fade, the memories defintely won’t.

Another beautiful day, and the 20 lads we had spent our time here with were off to Phi Phi. We were off to another close island called Koh Tao and so it was time to say goodbye.
As you know, i hate goodbyes :'(.

Anyway we weren’t TOO upset as we were off on the ferry to yet another paradise…

… all our bags were put in a hold at the back of the boat and so we ventured to the front of the boat to enjoy the view as we travelled.
Koh Phangan had literally ruined us and somehow we prety much passed out for the 2 hour boat ride…
in our bikinis…
with no suncream on…
in the 40 degree midday heat.
..oh and i cleverly left my sunglasses on.
I’m telling you now I had the most ridiculous sunglass marks on my face and i was burnt from head to toe.
LESSON: the wind is very decieving.

We arrived in the port and walked around to find O’CHAI bungalows, where we paid 600 baht for the night.

The beautiful sunset on Koh Tao.

We then ventured into Koh Tao for some food and to see what Koh Tao had to offer us.
Although after the last week we had- nothing was really going to compare. We had a couple of drinks, although i was still recovering from Koh Phangan, and kind of found ourselves in the ticketing office.

5AM. That was it.
We refused to let the boys continue the fun without us.
We hopped on a ferry and a bus and made our way to Koh Phi Phi (little did the boys know).

If i said it was a sober decision, I would probably be lying.
But it was the best decision we made.
Let it continue…

Myself and Jose in the ring

Back in the game..

And the return of the bucket…


Little bit of heaven right there.
Actually stuff the ‘little bit’
It doesn’t get much better than this.
Beautiful weather, beautiful people, yummy drink, sand in your toes and a sea and view to die for.
No worries in the world.

Chicken Teriyaki at Breakers Bar Koh Phi Phi. Highly recommend this place for food!! (and good wifi)

This is what happens if you smoke too much…
HOW real does it look? or is it just me…

And this is what happens when you drink too much…

Beer Pong with Lan and Jose.

Again there are many more photos to come, but i am so behind on my blog, this is just a start 🙂

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