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Koh Samui - Part 2. Island tour :)

Updated On 19th June, 2018

Okay so we wanted to see the island but we had been told to avoid mopeds at all costs.

1. Because thai drivers are nut jobs and dont stick to their side of the road.
2. There aren’t really speed limits.
3. They will give you one even if you have never driven one (like me).
4. Because it’s all a bit corrupt and they like to take advantage of young people.
Basically most of the companies have no insurance and so if you make the tiniest scratch (or even if you dont) they try and charge you up to 15,000 baht.

We had met some guys who had been accused and asked to pay 35,000 baht. The police said if they didn’t they would have a month inside. Somehow they settled for 15,000 baht and obviously for the sake of 300 GBP they paid it.

So anyway…
we got a moped.

We figured we would ask 100 questions about the contract we were signing just so that they didn’t look at 2 blonde english girls and think… bingo.

First pit stop.

It’s 80km in total to drive around the island and so we flipped a coin and decided to anti clockwise.

To fill up your tank here it costs 80 baht, which is about 1.70 GBP.
Why do i live in England?

We even found a Nikki Beach in Koh Samui
And then we decided to follow signs to a waterfall.

Hopped on the back of a jeep…

… and to Leannes delight we had to do a bit of walking…

casually doing the washing up…
Now theres always one isn’t there?
Leanne lost a flippy flop in the waterfall… Luckily the 3rd phone stayed safe on this occasion.

Waterfall :o)

Waterfall slide.

And then our last stop… Lamai Beach for the sunset.
Having a wild time here like.
(After 4 weeks surrouded by Geordies, i am actually thinking in their language)

And time to head back to the bungalow…

On the last 10km stretch we managed to get lost. Just as the sun went down.
But we did make it home.
Next morning we went to return the bikes and turns out we had been a little too nice to the Bike shop owner and he now wanted to take us to some ‘hot spots’ around the island. We laughed it off and then he said we could have the bikes longer for free.
That’s me in.
He also filled our Tank up. Such a gentleman.

Introducing Peng.

2 minutes down the road our tyre went flat and Peng had to wheel it all the way to the local garage.
First date wasn’t going so smoothly.
But after half an hour we were back on the road…

First he took us to Swing Bar.

And then to the Grand father and Grand mother rocks (Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks).

I did try to get rid of him…

But Peng just wasn’t going anywhere.

But in the sea…

Decided against his mad advice to jump in…

Happiness 🙂

Mum i’ve fallen in love and im not coming home…

oooonly joking, my only love is food.
We headed back as our tummys were rumbling…

The dish i have quite literally been living off in Thailand.
When Leanne and i sit down to eat I think Leanne is actually getting sick of me having Chicken + cashews nuts every single time.
But it’s just sooooooo good!

Peng had asked us to ‘hang out’ with him and his mates in his tattoo studio later that evening. We had kindly said yes maybe and he knew that we couldn’t get to our bungalow without passing his place…
unless you walk along the beach.
I mean he wasn’t creepy at all but he had said his friend was driving to Phuket the following day and would drop us off at Krabi (where we were heading) on the way (for free).
We are all up for a freebie, experiences and meeting new people but we felt we had tempted fate a little too much recently and so, like the wise young women that we are.
We decided to avoid his persuasive self and make our own way there.
He had however, taken us to some pretty cool spots on the island and had recommended Railay Beach for us to venture to near Krabi.
So having no idea where else to go… we set off for Railay beach…




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