Hello Malaysia! Langkawi Island…

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If we have learnt one thing since we have been travelling it’s how to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.
Leanne is kindly demonstrating what I mean…

This was 2 hours into our 7 hour bus journey from Phuket to Satun- where we would get the ferry over to our next stop Langkawi, Malaysia.

If there’s anything else we have learnt it is that when you ask how long a journey is going to take, take the answer and double it.
1 hour later another bus came to pick us up.
As you can see below it was a minibus.
Now. I have never ever been travel sick but this journey was hell for me.
(Leanne slept the whole way…)
This mad Thai man was driving over 100kph over uneven thai roads enough so that i think my bum spent more time off the seat than on…with the sun beating down on my shoulder.
This combination had me on the verge of throwing up for 15 hours.
Yes 15 hours. After 11 hours, our minibus driver pulled over and said ‘off off’.
We looked like we were in the middle of nowhere and so we said ‘Satun?’ 
Brilliant. He didn’t speak English. So we spent the next 20 minutes finding someone that could translate what we were saying to him.
Turns out we were no where near Satun, and he refused to drive any further.
As I had my head between my legs, Leanne managed to find another bus for us to get on and we continued our journey.
At this point I was just happy to get out of the crazily driven minibus.
If you ever lose Leanne, there is a 90% chance she is sat somewhere applying Tiger Balm to her bites…
We both fell asleep and a couple of hours in I woke and suddenly needed to throw up. I ran to the front of the bus and played charades for about 3 minutes with the bus driver to explain I needed to be sick. He couldn’t stop, or couldn’t be bothered and handed me a small plastic bag. I sat on the entrance steps and threw up before a Thai lady came and held my hair back, smiled and donated me her water. This was all I needed a little bit of sympathy (Leanne lacks in this department, she was sleeping) and I was okay again.
Anyway our 7 hour bus journey turned into 15 hours, the sun set and we were bought to a hotel in the middle of nowhere, well in Satun. We grabbed a drink and hit the hay.

Next morning 8am we caught the ferry from the port in Satun over the Langkawi Island. 2 hours on the boat felt like nothing but even so we had no problem sleeping…



Just incase you were thinking of standing in the toilet…

No hanging around we dropped our bags at Gecko Guest House and headed to the famous Cable cars…

Cenang Beach, Langkawi.

…oops again. It was low season and on these already quiet islands it is really quite quiet this time of year. We walked the length of the beach, ate more than we should, saw the tourist attractions and then we um…

Having spent 6 weeks on islands we have been spoilt by beaches and so yeah, we headed to Starbucks…

The smell as you walk into Starbucks literally took me straight back home. Heaven.

If only it was cold enough to have a hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel drizzle…

This is what happens when you have done no washing for a week.

You end up in matching Chang (local Thai beer) tops with ol luminous full moon party shorts from Koh phangan.
Fashion disaster.
We decided to move on from Langkawi after two nights, onwards to the capital…Kuala Lumpar.

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