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I spy Indonesia.

Updated On 19th June, 2018

We began our Bali experience in Kuta which is near the airport and where all the ‘younguns’ gather for the nightlife. It was a couple of days into high season and there weren’t many people to be seen, so we decided to get mopeds for 10 days, explore the rest of Bali and then head back here at the end…
To our surprise you actually have to have a license here in Bali to ride a bike.
First attempt at health and safety we have seen since we begun travelling…

We headed to the local police station, and seeing as I was to drive, I had to fill out my details and occupation. Naturally either me or Leanne will now mention I sing, whip out one of my cards with my links on and see what discounts and deals we can get. Surprising how people’s attitude (and prices) change when they think you could be famous one day…

That’s a sad truth these days.
Anyway the police men got a bit carried away all taking a card, my YouTube was up and playing in the police station and we all had some photos…
Turns out his wife owned the local radio station and he took my email to pass on to her! 
You just never know, right time right place and all!
Okay so we must have an invisible sign on our heads saying ‘mug’.
We began our journey to Ubud as stopped for gas. We were charged 147,000 rupiah to fill up our bike which is about £10, not much compared to England.
But later on we went with a local to fill up and it cost 10,000 rupiah (under £1).
We had been rinsed. The petrol stations target the tourists and pocket the money!!!!!
Now we know.
Soon into our journey we got pulled over by the police. We were surprised by the active police behavior as we have driven mopeds on the islands and never needed a license. 
But here it’s more of a money making scandal. We have no bike experience you just pay for a piece of paper to say you do, and the only reason the police stop you is to hope that you haven’t got the license so they can fine you!
Good job we got our license!!


Chocolate milkshake.

Sweet and sour chicken with rice.
Came to £2!
Arrived in Ubud and was welcomed by a Carrot Apple Celery and Cucumber juice.
Mum usually whips up one of these every morning at home and I haven’t had one in 7 weeks now so this was a little taste of home for me, and a sure sign we had entered the healthy village of Ubud. Home of the Yoga.
Our little £7 palace for the night.
The hand crafted detail on the buildings and decorations in the gardens here in Bali is amazing and so so beautiful.
Sat here now having just finished a 2 and a half hour meditation session at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.
Seeing as mum is a yoga teacher and lover back home I felt a duty to do a class whilst I was here on the other side of the world. And I’m so glad I did.
I had managed to land myself on a special session with 4 special guests, one from a local ashram a couple of musicians and a psychic from America.
The session was meant to be an hour and a half so Leanne walked to a local bar to soak up the wifi and have a couple of beers…
However as usual with yoga it doesn’t run to schedule and it lasted 2 and a half hours!
It began with group chants and prayers all with a core idea of blessing everyone with peace happiness and success… The room was full of people from all over the world and it may sound ‘cringe’ but it was magical. I think it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.
The 6 leaders then had us begin to meditate and lie down on our mats. Together they sung and played every instrument under the sun, all home made from bamboo and local products. I have never heard anything so beautiful, their effortless harmonies and instruments that created the illusion of lying by the beach.
Seriously cannot recommend this place enough.
 This holiday has gone from one extreme to the other, lying on the beach after one too many buckets in Koh Phangan to lying on ‘the beach’ in a spiritual village in Bali.
What more could I want…



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