THAILAND- Let the adventures begin…

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Okay so I’m going to use this as a scrapbook/ diary whilst i’m away. The writing mainly for my own reference when im old and grey and wishing i had a life.
So you’ll probably just want to scroll through the photos- fine:)

Little bit excited at the Gatwick!

Meet my Geordie travelling partner Leanne…she’ll hate me for saying that ๐Ÿ˜‰


Our first flight was 7 hours to Dubai, and i am not joking when i say we sat next to the BIGGEST criminal ever. Biggest one innocent little me has ever met anyway.

He did not stop talking for THE WHOLE 7 HOURS, i tried to watch a film (1.5 hours) and managed to watch 20minutes.
He was on his was to Dubai but was coming back to the UK in 6 weeks for a court case (100 million passports meant he could still leave the country). He had about 7 scars on his face and had been stabbed 5 times.
He is trained in reading body language and was quite literally clueing us up on crime and how to get away with it. (Don’t worry mum)
But he did give us some good advice for Thailand- particularly about dodgy ATM machines and how to see if they are photocopying your card detail or whether 100% real. Honestly this was just the beginning…

If i had no other experiences travelling… THAT in itself was an experience.

 Flight number 2… the snoring PIGS.
No not you Leanne… THEM.
 Backs were aching already.. the Thai men are ever so helpful…
We arrived Khao San Road at 1pm Thai time (+7 GMT hours) and despite not having slept yet we soldiered on through the day.
First we payed mr TukTuk to take us on a tour of Bangkok.
He drove us for about 2 hours and it cost 40 Baht (about 1 pound!)  
She’s not really a great advert huh?
But i did it anyway…
After seeing some of Bangkok we were starving and opted for the Thai speciality Pad Thai.
Yum! and only 50 Baht! Which is again about a pound! Still amazed how cheap everything is!
For our first 2 nights we booked Buddy Lodge on Khao San Road- just to settle ourselves in. It was luxury for Thailand, rooftop pool and everything. I know we are meant to be backpacking hard core but…for 9 pound each a night…couldn’t not.
After 35 hours of being awake, it was finally time for a good sleep. And a good 14 hour sleep it was. ๐Ÿ™‚

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