Chiang Mai – Tiger Temple

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Goooooooood morning!

We got up nice and early, and by early we mean 9am. And headed to reception area to get transport to see the tigers. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any for an hour and a half, so we had no choice but to have breakfast and sunbathe whilst we waited…

And then we were OFF

We had some lunch, this time chicken with cashew nuts and veg with sticky rice which was so yum! We have booked a Thai cooking class so i definitely want to know how to make this!!!

Then it was time to see the tigers…
Or cuddle them 🙂
And yes they are real!

…until Mr. moody tiger decided to come at me.
I literally jumped out of MY SKIN. If the park assistant guy hadn’t have tamed him, i think i would have made a nice lunch for him. It was then i realised they weren’t big fluffy toys and i definitely would not want to come across him alone in the jungle.
I was then told not to touch him… hmpf.

But we all know i don’t like being told what to do…
Get our own back time…

Okay okay we are equal now… we can be friends.
I mean he doesnt even look real- he is SO beautiful.
Its one of those animals that you always see pictures of but in real life they are just amazing.

Alright alright we are boring you, we will go now…

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