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Chiang Mai - Jungle Trek + Elephants + Bamboo Rafting

Updated On 19th June, 2018

18th + 19th April

7.30am (our earliest start yet) and we were picked up by the Jeep from our little Log Home Boutique.
We had gone to the tourist information place to book onto some elephant trekking, little did we realised there would be a little bit of elephants in comparison to the whole lotta trekking.

As the trek started, we were full of energy…

An hour later we started to slow down a little in the 35+ degree heat.

Finally after an hour and a half trekking UP ridiculously vertical moutains, we stopped by the river for lunch.
We had egg fried rice as you can see below, and it was actually one of the best things ive eaten since we got here.
(Not sure whether it was just because we were so pleased to finally be sitting down)

Then I dipped my feet into the cool running water to cool me down. Unfortunately we didn’t get it on camera, but i was stood talking to Leanne for about 10 minutes and within the space of 2 seconds my feet gave way and i fell on my bum with a big splash.
As much as i shouldn’t find myself falling over funny, it was.

2 of the smallest bananas i’ve ever seen!

We trekked for another hour until we got to a waterfall which we were told meant shower time. And trust me, WE NEEDED IT.
I mean i don’t think i would even last 2 and a half hours in the gym at home, let alone in 35+ degree heat AND uphill!
But at least there was some kind of tanning going on and we definitely needed the exercise!

Heaven to get in the cool water!

Shower time 🙂

Sun shining, drink in hand, sat in cool fresh water in the middle of nowhere with amazing people = heaven.

Then we continued our trekking up into the mountains…

You know when you’re in the gym and you get to that point where you feel you can’t physically go any further and so you press the stop button on the running machine. (well i do anyway) Anyway we passed that point 2 or 3 times but just couldn’t stop as we didn’t want to be the two blondes keeping everyone behind.
This will teach us for sitting on our bums for nearly 2 weeks drinking cocktails and making the tuk tuks take us everywhere…
Sweating like a
We all breathed a sigh of relief when we were told that was it for trekking today and welcome to our 5 star accomodation…

Our bed for the night 🙂

Our view of the farming fields that surrounded us.
It’s at least a 20/25 minute walk to get to any sort of track/road, which made us realise just how much we take our cars for granted back at home.
All the produce from these farms is carried by the locals to the roads to get it to the villages, and seriously this heat is overwhelming. So me and Leanne soon stopped complaining.

Our en-suite!

We did our bit and bought some more bracelets that the local lady had made 🙂

To our surprise the food was really yummy.
We had Green Thai Curry and Pad Thai and some fresh vegetables, but i guess this is where it’s grown so if anything they are going to have access to more yummy spices and vegetables.

And when it gets dark- it gets dark. So we finished our dinner in candlelight.
The gang + the australian man having a mid life crisis.

Played some of their local handmade instruments and whipped out a cover of mine 🙂

Brushing our teeth in the hole between the beds…

Sleepover in the jungle! Wrapped up in our sleeping bags and mosquito nets tucked in around us we were ready for sleep…

Morning window view!

Having my first cup of tea since i’ve been in Thailand…

How do ya like your eggs in the mornnnning?
Whats that coming over the hill is it a monster is it a mons- oh no it’s just Leanne.

And then FINALLY after trekking most of the way back down, we got to see the elephants 🙂

Bamboo Rafting…





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