Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep, Thai cooking

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Apparently if you haven’t been to Doi Suthep then you haven’t been to Chiang Mai.
So off we went.
It’s a temple high up in the mountains that you climb I think 300 steps to get up to. And no i didn’t count on this occasion but we will go with 300…

5 steps in… haha joking. Maybe 10.
Nothing a good ice cream can’t solve.
Someone told Leanne that the monks only come alive in the morning or something. So when we saw this gold statue below, Leanne said thats really scary is he real?
No word of a lie.

Not sure what ringing these bells means, but it looked fun…

Standard tourise pose.

It’s actually beautiful, the detail in the architecture.

One of the rules in the temple is that you have to be lower than the head of the monks/budda at all times. So we had to get around on our hands and knees.

Leanne doing her bit…

oooo shoe shopping!

 Go on someone tell me what it says?

Everyone was holding a flower and walking around the statue in the middle. We had no idea what was going on, but we joined in anyway…

Blessed by the monk and wished eternal happiness. This is the second time on this trip now, i know where to come if things go tits up…

As long as i have this bracelet on (which he put on me) then apparently its luck health and happiness… good job really, we are heading to Koh Phangan next! Going to need that luck!

Thai Cooking Class

Nana tree

When you have dinner parties or guests in Thailand this is apparently the welcome snack (below).
From what i remember it contained bits of shallots, ginger, coconut, peanut, chilli, and a couple of Thai vegetables which i can’t remember the names of!

Our homemade spring rolls

Cooking my favourite dish in Thailand so far. Chicken + cashew nuts.

Then we had a go at making the Pangang curry from scratch.
It’s the basis of a Red Thai Curry but then you add peanuts too!

The place we went was called Asia Scenic and would definitely recommend it! We even got a little cookbook to take home with all the recipes and more so that we ca recreate them at home!
(Mum i got you a present :D)

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