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Pamper time… after a… long hard day travelling?
Justified? I don’t care anyway.

Foot massage 2 pound.

Leanne daringly opted for the eyelash extensions as i sat close by…
Manicure 2 pound! so we had a pedicure too for 2 pound!!
Apparently we bought a little bit of London with us… they had their first bit of rain in 3 months, but unlike London it was just the one 30 min shower and then done. Plus its 30 odd degrees anyway so the water evaporates as soon as it hits the ground.
Then we headed on the water ferry into another part of Bangkok where all the lady boy shows are…

 Snap happy tourists…

Home from home. I found my own little bit of London. The Bangkok eye!
 Calypso Theatre.

 Lady boy take on mean girls…

And costumes with bananas all over them…
Right okay, we are going to admit it. I know we are meant to embrace the Thai culture, but we walked out after 25 minutes?
Bad i know.
I mean they looked so much like women that you forget they were men (i know thats the point) and they mimed all the singing and talking. So really we were just watching a shit cabaret.
We are only in Bangkok for 4 days and the show was another 2 hours- forgive us… we have better things to see!
But at least that one has been checked off the list.

Yeah… not quite our cup of tea.
Back on Khao San Road, everyone was preparing for Thai New Year 12th-15th April. This is their equivalent of our christmas, and so everything shuts down for this period.
And its also one BIG FAT water festival. EVERYONE has water guns buckets hoses wheelbarrows…the lot. But in the 35 degree heat- it’s actally rather refreshing.
We were still jet lagged so at 11pm we said we would have drinks for an hour and try sleep it off again. Lets just say 1 drink turned into 100 and 11pm turned into 9am. Actually Im sat here at 7.47pm and we haven’t slept a WINK.
Leanne managed to lose her phone which had some insane pictures on. Unfortunately i only took about 5. But i think this one kind of gives you an idea.
Even walking to this internet cafe, 5 year olds are lined up along every single street corner armed with water guns and hoses. So we are sat here drenched- quite like the above.
Tired, drenched, zombie like but WOW.
We are here in Bangkok for another 3 days before we continue our travels. Festivals, decorations, parades, waterfights and jam packed streets!
I’ll get as much on camera as i can!

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