Bangkok part 2 – Thai New Year, Songkram

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Happy Thai New Year!
Here in Thailand it’s ‘Songkram’ which is their new year, where everything shuts down for 5 days and it is just one big (constant) waterfight. And clay fight.
Seriously I think the whole of the Thai population are on the streets of Bangkok all armed with waterguns. It’s a 24/5 operation.

Leanne’s serious face.

Who said money trees don’t exist?

Last time i had this watergun i was 5 chasing my brother around the garden. We have officially returned to our 5 year old selves.
(Our facial targetting is now spot on)

Asked the lady in the shop to take a photo of us. Think she got a bit confused?

The local beer for Leanne, and a Malibu and pineapple for myself!

This is what we are dealing with…

After a few hours we retired to the rooftop pool for some sun to escape the madness!

And then had no choice but to return to it.

It’s currently 35 degrees, so the water is mostly warm and it’s quite refreshing to have a bucket of water chucked over you. Unlike England where i’d probably scream and cry and hibernate inside my duvet with tea and biscuits.

But the little buggers selling the cold water!!!!!!
Not so fun.

This took us a while to understand. Basically, you mix clay with water and carry it in pots.
Apparently it is an excuse to touch you. Hence why it’s mainly just men with the clay pots.
I swear in england this would be some form of rape.
But you just have to smile and accept ALL of this because there is no escape, and if you look like you are trying you- you will get it TWICE AS BAD.

After another million hours, we found shelter in a restaurant for food. 
The excitment of the waterfight after 3 days does start to wear off…

You’d think by 11pm on the 3rd day people would be starting to get a little tired/calmer/ i dunno! But no way… it just gets busier!

Imaginative water guns…

Shameless drunk selfie

And another…

Our second play of stay. The aircon has no control. And it is aimed at me from above the bed.
So i turn it on as we are boiling, then fall asleep.
Wake up because im freezing, turn it off, then fall asleep.
Wake up because we are sweating, turn it on, fall asleep.
You get the idea.
Im glad Leanne had a nice sleep! 

Trip to the local, fully Clayed and watered.

Instead of staying out all night, we came in at 2am as we are travelling up to Chiang Mai today!
Responsible adults that we are.

But we wake up and have no choice but to continue the festival until it’s time to leave!


This brings us to now! Just rehydrating and catching some sun before we head off to the train station!

Here’s to a 12 hour sleeper train! Cheeeeeeeers!
See yassss in Chiang Mai!


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