Inamo Restaurant, Soho

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Another reason I love London.
Random and insanely cool restaurants.
This one is called Inamo (hence the post title) and is located on Wardour Street, Soho. (Road just off Oxford street, little map of location)

They say it’s a fusion of ideas and flavours from around Asia, influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Thai. 
(2 weeks until Thailand :D)
Had to drop that one in.

It’s main attraction being the interactive table system, where you can order your food and drinks/ set the backgrounds/ request the bill and even order taxis- through no contact with any waiters. Just the table.
Cool hey!

As you click through the menu, images of the highlighted option are projected onto your plate. 
As you can see below.

After being a child and taking forever to decide (messing around and waiting for the novelty of the interaction to wear off)- we finally made an order.

…and then returned to being children to play the games whilst we waited for our food.

(Notice: i won)
Live ‘Chef Cam’ Feed- there to watch just incase your date is really boring.
…and then the FOOOOOD.
Chicken Satay

Edamame Beans

 Hot stone Ribeye Beef.

So it comes served with your own little hot stone so that you can cook the steak to your own taste. (Lazy chef)
Admittedly a cool idea. It’s all well and good, until you realise that the hot stone naturally WILL cool down and you will no longer be able to use it to cook your steak. 
ha. ha.

I have to say the food was really really really yummy, and i was pleasantly surprised. Obviously I didnt actually come here for the food. But the menu is a gooden.

It was such a smooth experience and with games at the click of your finger to cover any awkward conversation- it’s genius really.

I thought it became slightly anti-social as you spend so much time choosing your dinner and faffing with the interactive system but its definitely unlike any other restaurant i’ve been to.
And i will definitely be going again.

Realising we had spent over 2 hours in Inamo, I think it’s safe to say i would definitely recommend this one.


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