50 (52) things I love about you

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If you follow me on Pinterest then you will know I 100% stole this idea from there. 
But it’s still such a cute idea, and i just love a cute idea.
If you are on the ball (i was clearly daydreaming when i did it) then you will realise that, yes- there are actually 52 playing cards in a pack and I am useless…
Let’s ignore that.
I just bought a pack of cards from Tesco and cut a little piece of paper small enough to fit on the front of the pack. 
Wrote a little message and then ‘laminated’ the paper onto the pack with bits of cellotape.

Now the hard bit.
52 things.
Jokes, had to narrow it down there was just too many.

Spilt each ‘suit’ into a kind of category, helped me not repeat myself and made sure i covered all areas of mums wonderfulness.

Boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, mum, dog or cat. 
Guaranteed winner.
Cheap and cheerful but oh so thoughtful.

You can find lots of wonderful ideas like this on Pinterest, so if you don’t already have it. 
Or don’t- either way.
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