Pancake Day!

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We headed to My Old Dutch Pancake House. Another first 😀

My Old Dutch have 3 pancakes houses in London.
Chelsea, Holborn and Kensington.

We arrived at the one on Kings Road only to be told they were fully booked. Obviously. After all it’s pancake day. 
Not sure why that didn’t cross my mind. 

Whipped out the puppy dog eyes and the ‘but i came all this way’ face, and voila we had a table. Only joking I think a couple must have cancelled or something… 
(Perhaps the new hair helped, i’ll pretend it did)

There was a ridiculous amount of choice, anything and everything you could want on a pancake. But we were too hungry at this point to faf, so our decision was quickly made…

Eagerly awaiting my pancakes… always time for a quick snap!
I opted for the Summer Berry compote, with icing sugar and Ice cream. Oh my…
Shannon went for the Banana, nuts, icing sugar and Nutella option… (Good thing about best friends is that you can share) 
I can quite honestly say, they were 2 of the most amazingly yummy things I have ever eaten… 
Words cannot do these pancakes justice…
…And the best thing is, it’s open all year round! 
So honestly if you’re up in London it is a must must must must.

(always on the ball spotting the special offers!)

And if you happen to be in London tomorrow… Why not?


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