Tomato & Basil Italian Pasta Sauce

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I quite simply live off of this recipe. Although I have to give credit to my mumma- who usually makes it! It’s so simple to make, cheap and YUM. My grandma used to cook it for us all the time when we were younger because my Dads side of the family is Italian. When she sadly passed away she wrote down her recipe that she had kept secret for years…BINGO!

So here is a simplified (just less of the specific herbs and fancy brands)version of the amazing sauce. 

2 Onions, Fresh/dried Basil, 2 Cartons of Passata, 1 Tin of chopped tomatoes, Olive Oil, 2 Garlic cloves, and Salt & Pepper.
NOTE: This makes quite a lot, so half it if you just want it for a few of you. If not it is perfect to have and then put some away in the freezer!

1. Chop the onions into small pieces.
(I would highly recommend wearing goggles- seriously. I had none to hand and cried ridiculously… luckily i wear eyelash extensions so my mascara didn’t run!!)

2. Cover them in Olive Oil in a pan and heat (on low) for 10 minutes until the Onions go soft.

3. Add the cartons of Passata and tinned tomatoes to the pan, along with 2 cloves of crushed garlic.

(Love this bit! Always reminds me of those PlayDoh machines from when i was younger…)

4. Continue to add Half a teaspoon of Basil and a squeeze of Tomato Puree (if you have it!).

(It looked a mess so i ‘prettied’ it up by squeezing the puree into a heart shape :D)

5. Stir it all in and leave it to cook for 20 minutes (still on low).

6. Take the pan from the stove and leave for 15 minutes to cool.

7. If you like it rough…then you are finished. If you like a smooth creamier kind of sauce then use the hand blender to…yes blend the sauce. 

8. Season the sauce with some salt/pepper/basil or taste the sauce and see what it needs! I usually just add a bit of salt and pepper and VOILA!

Now you just need to cook off some pasta, or another fav of mine is using it as a sauce with a piece of Cod! 
Enjoy 🙂

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