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    Me and boyfriend are planning to travel the East Coast next year, and maybe work along the way. I have been ready a lot of blogs and travel sites, yet I still don’t know where to start. I was hoping you would be able to help!

    I am struggling on what the best route to take is, as the different climates in each month. We were planning to start off in Melbourne, preferably in March time as I have read it will be Autumn then, and the weather will still be hot.

    1. Please can you advise if it is best to stay in a Campervan in Melbourne, or to stay in hostel and then have a campervan to do the Ocean Road and then travel up to Sydney?

    2. Please can you advise how many days roughly we would need in Melbourne, to see the city, before heading off to Sydney?

    I have read that Sydney is very expensive, and this is the part I am struggling to plan. As we would like to extend our travels as long as possible, is it wise to give the campervan back in Sydney, stay there until the July/August before doing the road trip up to Cairns?

    3. Is Sydney an easy place for backpackers to find work?

    4. If we were to give the campervan back here, is there backpacker houses/apartments for cheaper rental, or are hostels the best option?

    So we would really be spending the Autumn/Winter months in Melbourne and Sydney, and then heading up in Summer to Cairns.
    Overall we would like the trip to be 6 months, maybe even longer if we worked.

    5. Can you suggest an amount we should have saved before coming?

    If possible please can you give me advise on the best way we can do this over the 6 months from March – August?

    Many thanks

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