The importance of taking risks and being spontaneous

The importance of taking risks and being spontaneous | Where's Mollie? A travel and adventure lifestyle blog

‘The most exciting relationships and careers are the ones that still have the power to surprise you.’

I read this quote recently and I feel like it just totally sums up my approach to life, love and everything in between.

I don’t for a second deny the beauty in the known, the beauty in routine or the beauty in consistency. But personally, I don’t have the desire to know exactly what’s around the corner.

I want to be surprised. I love to be surprised. It fuels my soul.

I want to feel every single damn thrill, through every inch of my being. I want to face fear, challenge and difficulty straight in the face and overcome it with the strength I have grown to know I own.

With every hurdle and challenge, I grow. I grow stronger. And with every thrill, I fall a little bit more in love with life and the feeling of living it.

No adventure is more exciting than one you haven’t planned.

No happiness is more satisfying than the one you took a risk for and came to fruition.

Truth is, you have to be willing to take risks to even get a chance to see what’s on the other side for you.

I believe you run a much higher risk by staying exactly where you are and never exploring it.

I guess you could say, to a certain extent, that I’m saying routine and predictability are boring. That they are not enough. I kind of am. Hate me or love me for it, I’m being honest.

I’m not saying you should avoid the two and we are all certainly entertained by different things. But if you are looking to shake up the passion inside of you, go try something fucking crazy different.

If you don’t know what your passion is, you’re fed up of looking around and seeing happy people and you’re wondering when it’s your turn… give yourself a chance to find it.

If this post is speaking to you, I mean really speaking to you.

This is your sign. It’s your turn to take a risk.

My life is a prime example of spontaneity and risk.

When I was 18, I didn’t go to university like everyone at my college did. It didn’t feel right, so I didn’t go. I knew I’d find my way, or more importantly I had confidence that I’d find my way and I did.

When I was 19, I met a girl in Spain and spontaneously decided to meet her at the airport months later to travel Asia for 9 weeks together. I fell in love with a boy, with life and with travel. The passion I felt pushed me to share it and so I started a blog.

When I put a backpack on and travelled solo for 5 months last September I quit my eyelash extension business (that had supported my travel career until that point) and decided to throw myself full time into my blog. I was comfortable with my life, but the dream was to take it full time. I knew if I never just ‘did it’ (went full time), it would never happen. So I did. 10 months later, I’m still full time and I’ve moved out of my family home for the first time.

In May, I decided to take on my first big financial responsibility and move to London even though I had no guaranteed salary.

Whilst I may have sacrificed many options for stability and security along the way – in fact most of the way until now – I know that every single day I pursued and continue to pursue happiness and with that I have no regrets at all.

To me, happiness is truly that.

It’s having no regrets and never looking back to wish you had done things differently. That’s not to say you won’t make mistakes, it’s just to say that when you felt that fire in your belly, when your soul called out to you… you chose to pursue it and not to ignore it.

If you are committed enough to your own happiness, no matter what decision you make – the passion within you will find a way to make it work.

You will find a way to make it work.

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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The importance of taking risks and being spontaneous | Where's Mollie? A travel and adventure lifestyle blog

  • Kristiin

    Love this! Such an inspirational blog! Thanks for writing this, I’m sure there are a lot of people who needed to hear this right now. <3

    • Thank you for the feedback lovely <3 <3 <3 I really enjoyed sharing this so i'd love to write more 🙂

  • Perfectly put Mollie! I was always a sucker for safety and ‘doing the smart thing’ and although I don’t regret my past choices, (now anyway – I did at the time and that’s never good) I feel like now I’ve left uni, I’ve actually got the chance to live my life and not always for my future. I can live for me, for my happiness, now! And in less that 2 WEEKS (*eeeep*) I’m heading out for 6 months backpacking on my own for the first time to Australia – something I’d never have done a few years ago, but something I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t know anyone, certainly don’t have the money (got a working hol visa though – that in itself is a challenge and scary for me) to put me up there for 6 months, but I’m ready to take the plunge and have some adventures I’ve been craving for so long. Who knows what might happen there or afterwards, but I know it’s going to change my life!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    • EXACTLY. It ill 10000000% change your life. I got goosebumps reading that because you are about to embark on the most incredible journey in the world. Keep us updated! I almost feel slightly jealous haha! Watch out – i may or may not bring global travellers to Australia 😉

      • I definitely will! Omg if you do, that will make my trip!! 😝👌🏻🎉🌍

  • This was such a great post Mollie. Taking risks often I find leads us to greater happiness. Likewise to yourself I am taking a gap year as uni doesn’t seem right for myself at the moment x

    • Thank you Lottie. If something doesn’t feel right deep in your gut, then you have to listen to that. Well done girl 🙂 Greater happiness for SURE <3

  • Emma’s Off Again

    Wow, this spoke to me sssooo deeply! Thank you Mollie, I’m taking this sign and fuelling that fire! Currently saving up for ‘the big trip’ and this has just motivated me even more! Wonderful post x

    • 🙂 Music to my ears girl! Keep us updated on your trip! xoxo

  • I recently took a huge chance and quit my job to move across the US to search for a better opportunity. It took guts but I have been so happy with my decision and I don’t regret it for a second. I think it’s worse if you do nothing than even just make one small change. Beautiful written Mollie and I’m so happy you went for it!

    • Yes girl! Proud of you 🙂 Thing is… even if what you hoped for doesn’t turn out exactly – i still don’t think you could ever regret chasing that fire. It’s so much worse thinking what if! Are you still living there?

  • I love this post!! Totally agree with you that taking risks is important in the journey of finding what makes you truly happy. Something I 100% did not realise until recently. I’d always done the ‘right’ thing and followed what I thought was the normal ‘path’. But finally this year I managed to find a little confidence and quit my (unbelievably) boring job to try and start my own business… 6 months down the line I have just started an incredible part-time job whilst I hone my business ideas and I’ve travelled more this year than I ever have. All because I took the risk to quit my job. Yes, I have fewer pennies in the bank, but I’m happy right now! And it’s right now that matters. To me anyway. Love your outlook on life Mollie.
    Vicky xx

  • Jessica Thoma

    Wow this really spoke to me! You’re right, there’s only one way and that is to follow your soul, to do what your instincs tell you to do, whatever that may be. I wish you all the best on your journey of self employment and travel 🙂

    Jess |

  • kush

    Wow!! That was really inspirational to anyone who want to be a traveller.
    That took guts.
    Only mistake one can ever make is not following their heart.
    It sounds tough at start,but that slow little voice coming from deep inside that you should do it really always pays off.
    I am planning to take 6 month work/holiday visa for new Zealand. Its gonna be my first trip as backpacking and believe it gonna be great.
    Waiting for your next blog.

  • amen amen amen amen i just wanna scream it from the rooftops and wave my little ‘take risks’ flag high and proud!

    this also couldn’t have come at a better time actually, not quite in the same vein as travelling but i’ve been worrying over a potential new job and moving on from my current work place (which i love)…and this has just popped the final nail in the coffin that you’ve gotta keep growing and taking risks and doing things that scare you. i’m considering this a post of fate!!!!

    katie xx

  • Naaj Rona

    You speak to me girl…I’m know to be a complicated person who loves complicating my life lol but that’s just me.
    I love spontaneous adventures cuz they always end up being the most awesome ones.
    Talking of taking risks, you just announced your next summit details and I’ wanna come for it and really excited about it. The problem (s) I have is that my (overprotective Asian) parents are very strict and I’m only allowed to travel with family which is so annoying because since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to explore and travel. I’m always doing things my way which means there’s always arguments everytime

    My biggest achievement was when I traveled to Lewes for the LTA summit. I’m hoping to gather more courage and take more risks for my happiness

  • Wow, amazing!! I was just thinking about what you said, it is so true!
    I recently had a decision to make (uni or moving abroad) and I decided to followe my heart and do what I want.
    Your blog is really inspiring and gave me the kick I needed to start my own.!!

  • Katie Williams

    I genuinely cannot agree with you more. I’m in the exact same boat as you were when you didn’t want to go to university. People keep telling me that it would be best for me but I can’t help thinking that I’ll find success a different way. You are truly an inspiration!!

  • G

    Wow, I am in awe of you! You are living exactly how I aspire to live! I so wish I could just push things aside for a while and go travel the world. You’re inspiring!
    xx, G