‘A Beginners Guide To Hostels’ Your Questions Answered…

A couple of weeks ago myself and Christianne from Backpacking Bananas got together and filmed a ‘beginners guide to hostels’ for you.

Fun fact for the day: Christianne and I were both in the same ALevel Maths class at college.

We have both spent the past 3 years in hostels all over the world so we thought what better to combine our knowledge and share it with you guys.

I know staying in a hostel for the first time can be daunting but honestly, they are the most welcoming place for solo travellers and if you’re anything like us, once you’ve stayed in one you’ll be hooked.

Not only do you instantly acquire a travel family to drink, explore and play beer pong with but you make friends for life all over the world. Additionally you save the all important pennies on accommodation costs, meaning you can see more of the world than ever before.

Expect topics along the likes of…

‘Should I use an alarm for the morning’

‘Is there somewhere to keep valuables safe’

‘Can you walk around in your underwear’

‘What happens when you find people having sex in your dorm room’

A beginners guide to hostels - your questions answered | | Where's Mollie? A UK Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

Watch our beginners guide to hostels video here…


Christianne and I will be filming some more videos for you guys soon – STAY TUNED!

Check out Christianne’s awesome YouTube Channel here for backpacking tips and guides!

I hope this has answered a few of your hostel questions!

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Have you ever stayed in a hostel?

What did you think? Where did you visit? I’d love to know! 🙂

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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A beginners guide to hostels - your questions answered | | Where's Mollie? A UK Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

  • stephaniestraveldiary

    Great video! Be mindful is definitely the core to staying in dorms 🙂
    The alarm-thing was funny. I remember a guy in my dorm on Koh Tao who had his alarm at 5.00 in the morning, and went snoozing every 5 minutes until 6.15. I am not a angry person or something, but that was one of the times I actually got a little mad and was like “dude really…get up and turn it off”. LOL

  • G

    I’ve never stayed in a hostel, but I am definitely not against it now! I love that you say it’s fun and social and the easiest way to meet people! Oh, and of course, that it’s cheep!! haha
    xx, G