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After visiting Fraser Island with Cool Dingo Tours two years ago, I was slightly nervous to come back and take on the island again. Simply because my last trip was so epic.

But now I have two incredible memories of Fraser Island and I wasn’t in any way disappointed second time around.

Fraser Island, for those of you that have no idea, is the world’s largest sand island.

You can explore Fraser either by yourself (get the ferry over), or book onto one of the many tours that run on the island. Like the Whitsundays, Fraser Island is a feature of the East Coast of Australia that you should definitely prioritise and by no means skip because of the price tag.

The first time around, with Cool Dingo, we climbed aboard a  big 4X4 truck with a mixed age group.

But our transport this time definitely trumped that.

This time I booked on with the Nomads tours where 8 of us climbed into each of the 4 jeeps (that we all shared the driving of) and explored the island in convoy (Tag Along Safari).


For this tour in particular, you can do 2 days/1 night or 3 days/ 2 nights.

I took up the 3 days, 2 night option.

Use ‘MOLLIE10’ when booking this tour through to receive a 10% discount {3D/2N – $469 | 2D/1N – $369}

The trip pretty much felt like an epic roadtrip with your mates.


Think along the vibes of sunshine, ocean views, sing-a-long playlists and unlimited in-car karaoke.

Our guide Tim-bo was an absolute legend too. He bought the chill vibes, the hype vibes and he guided us through the whole experience without feeling like we were on a school trip.

I have not a bad word to say about Timbo. Guides can make or break a trip hey? Timbo made it, so if you get him – DOUBLE WIN.

Our 3 day 2 night adventure included exploring the likes of Lake McKenzie, Indian Head, Champagne Pools and Lake Wabi, with plenty of beach driving in between.


There are some epic off road tracks to take on through the rainforests, there’s chances of dingo sightings {we saw ’em!}, time to chill with your new squad and time too, to drink into the early hours of the morning.

One thing I loved most about this trip is that we didn’t have to worry about who booked onto the trip. You know how it is…

Sometimes you’re looking for a certain vibe on a trip but it totally depends on the group as to whether that vibe actually manifests.

But with the Nomads Tag Along tour, you know everyone that books on, books on through the hostel {because the hostel owns the trip} and so the backpacking vibes are guaranteed.

For your Fraser Adventure…

If being surrounded by like minded travellers, piled with energy, all looking for a good times and great vibes is your thing…


Here’s what your trip could look like:

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{when you’re told the sand is a natural teeth whitener}

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Use ‘MOLLIE10’ when booking this tour through to receive a 10% discount

What’s the deal with food and drink on the trip?

  • Food {main meals} is included in your trip
  • Breakfast is a selection of cerals, toast, preserves and tea/coffee
  • Lunch is wraps / sandwiches filled with cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese and a selected sliced meat
  • Dinner consists of group meals e.g we had… Spag Bol one night, Steak + jacket potato.
  • Anything beyond these meals isn’t included so bring snacks or you purchase them from the shop on the resort
  • The resort is extortionately priced {because it’s the only one} so 100% buy snacks / cigarettes and anything else you may need before hand.

Additional tips/ costs:

  • $10 insurance to cover yourself in the cars
  • Remember your driving licence if you want to do some driving {must be over 21}
  • You must arrive by 6pm to Nomads the night before the trip for an essential safety briefing {otherwise you can’t go on the trip}
  • $10 to borrow bed linen for the two nights {the beds are like plastic covered so either bring sleeping bag or hire the linen!}
  • Purchase cost of alcohol from the island shop. (The rules have recently changed and alcohol is forbidden to be bought and taken to Fraser but the shop is  SO overpriced and will leave a backpacker hungry for a week).
  • They play beer pong at the Eurong Resort {where you stay} which costs $10 for a pair to enter (includes a jug of the house cocktail to share)

Where to depart for the trip?

Noosa Nomads Hostel

Tip: You can book up to 3  nights pre / post accommodation at the hostel for just $10 a night


What do you need to take?

  • A small bag {you can leave your main backpack / suitcase in the Nomads Noosa storage for free}
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Flip flops {you do a few walks but nothing strenuous}
  • Suncream
  • Couple changes of clothes
  • Money for alcohol / snacks
  • Pre bought Snacks {to save max money}
  • Camera
  • Driving licence
  • Sleeping bag if you have it {save $10 on bedding}

For your Fraser Adventure…

Have you done Fraser Island? What trip did you do?

I’d love to know!

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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