10 ways to save money on your city break to Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is notoriously known for being of the more expensive cities to travel to in Europe, but as I always say – don’t let that stop you!
There are ALWAYS ways to save money and do things a little bit cheaper – often you just don’t know what they are or how to find them.
Que – travel blogs!
I am lucky enough to travel a lot with my job now but I still do plan and pay for some my own trips too – like Copenhagen.
I have always been about saving money wherever possible to then allow you to splash out on the once in a lifetime experiences.
So when it came to our 3 day city break to Copenhagen – it was no different.
I spent £120 over 3 days + flights + accommodation, including a night out (drinking) for New Years.
Whether, in your opinion, thats cheap or expensive, I think it’s pretty decent for a city more expensive than London.

Here are my tips for saving money in Copenhagen…

1. Booking in advance

Now, I haven’t actually worked out THE trick for all airlines as to when the best time is to book. But for Copenhagen I booked mid Oct for New Year with EasyJet, so 10 weeks in advance, and paid £105.
By the time it got to the week before the flights had gone up to £250+, so booking in advance particularly over a popular time (holiday) is a smart idea and can save you lots of £££.

2. Become a smart packer

A lot of airlines will ‘get you’ with the additional cost of taking hold luggage. For a short city break, like our 3-dayer to CPH, you don’t need much so we opted for just the hand luggage and MADE it work.
This saved us £29.

3. Be okay with spending time alone

Another airline add on is choosing a seat which, in advance, costs £3.49 each way (with EasyJet).It might not sound much but thats the cost of your lunch in Copenhagen or the same as a couple of coffees and danish pastries!

When it get to 24 hours before your flight you can check in and the system will allocate your seats for you.On the way out we were meant to be sat apart but there were actually some spare plane seats together, and on the way back the system gave us seats together.

So we got what we wanted and saved a joint – £14.
Every little helps.
Worst case you spend the 1.5 hour ride alone – no biggie.

4. Be prepared

Remember to pack things like, iPhone chargers, travel adaptors, toothpaste, umbrellas, gloves and scarfs before you come.
It’s the little things you are more likely to forget, and you don’t want to sting your spending money by having to go out and buy them in Copenhagen (which won’t be cheap!).

5. Exchange your money before you go

Unless you have one of these special cards where the transaction fee doesn’t exist then, for a short break, take exchanged DKK with you.
ATM’s won’t give a great exchange rate, the bank will charge you and the ATM will charge you so it soon adds up.
We went to a bureau de change when we were in CPH and for £150 they were going to charge an additional £20 commission!
It’s a good job I have my head screwed on enough to notice, and so instead, one of us used the ATM and shared the withdrawal costs.
If you don’t want to carry money around with you, leave some in the safe back at your accommodation and just take enough for the day.

6. Spend time researching accommodation

Find somewhere that fits with your budget.
There are plenty of hostels in Copenhagen, plenty of luxury hotels and an abundance of everything in between.
There is also my favourite option for a super unique experience – Airbnb.
Make sure you spend a little time doing your research before you go ahead and book.Just because somewhere is cheap it doesn’t mean its the best option. If e.g. the location is far away from the centre and breakfasts aren’t included you need to factor in the transport and eating costs… time and inconvenience too!

I stayed in the Anderson Boutique Hotel during my trip, located a 2 minute walk from central station & walking distance from everything. Gorgeous rooms, service and the most delicious breakfast buffet.

7. Avoid the tourist trap prices

No matter how hungry you are, if you are really wanting to save money then shop around a bit before you choose your restaurant – particularly in touristy spots.
On our first day we visited the popular spot of ‘Nyhavn’ where we walked straight into a restaurant on the canal serving italian dishes between 130 DKK and 260 DKK (£13 and £26).
As hungry and chilly as we were, we didn’t want to start blowing our budget on our first day so ended up walking out and turning just off the canal to ‘Wok it’ and ‘Tria Deli’ where we picked up some YUMMY stir fries and bagel options for just 50-70 DKK each.

8. Find the free things to do

Free things to do in Copenhagen

9. Use the Copenhagen Card

Before you go to Copenhagen write a bucket list of all the things you want to do and see there.
Then click here and see how many on your list are included in the 74  museums and attractions under the CPH card.
E.g. free bus, train and metro use, free entrance into Tivoli gardens, free canal boat tour, discount on bike hire
It may work out a lot cheaper depending on what you want to see and do.

10. Take a water bottle

Chances are, if you’re exploring, you’ll be walking / cycling a lot and will need plenty of refreshments to keep you hydrated during the day.
These little expenses, as we know, can all add up.
Reduce them by taking a reusable water bottle around with you, saving you money AND reducing single plastic use!

Need to book accommodation? Here’s £30 off your first AirBnb booking – my budget travel godsend!

Or search for the best hostels / hotels here

Have you been to Copenhagen?

What did you think? Where did you visit? I’d love to know! ?

I’d love to know!

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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