What to pack for South East Asia… | Part 2 Preparations

F-I-V-E days until our backpacking adventure begins 😀

Few days into April now and it’s STILL freezing. I am currently looking out my window at the snow.
Guaranteed that this time next week i will be complaining that I’m too hot. Although 35degrees sounds…AMAZING.

The big question is WHAT DO I PACK?

Starting with toiletries…

– toothbrush, toothpaste + cover (ew to sandy toothbrushes)
– mini face wash, body wash, exfoliator, shampoo + conditioner.
– Jungle insect spray 50+ DEET, sudocream
– yummy smelling sun protection, 50+ sun stick (i always burn my nose :(. )
– hand sanitiser, razor, tablets etc.
– hair bands + hairbrush
– lip balm

– Backpack- check.
– Flip flops- check. (converse too!)
– Sunnies- check.
– Thai Baht to get me started!- check.

– Travel adapter
– Iphone charger (+Iphone of course)
– Waterproof Iphone pouch
– Camera to Ipad connecter
– Camera, charger + Case
– Bum bag!

 – LOADS of bikinis.

Haven’t quite figured out (rounded down) my clothes yet…
Important Stuff (personally think bikinis are most vital)
– Travel Insurance – Holiday Safe
– Phone Insurance
– Jabs (have had)- Hep A + B (free), Typhoid (free), Rabies (£150 NHS).
– Copy of insurance, passport and birth certificate (emailed to myself and hand copy)
– Visa + Passport
Travel card from STA
Think thats nearly everything!!!
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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P.s. A really really handy website to look at if you are considering on going to Thailand. Helps you organise from start to finish! Thaizer.